Max Callari

(1971) italian photographer born in historic center of Rome, his surname is linked to distant Sicilian origines. He grew up in world of visual arts, thanks to his father's pictorial activity during 70s and 80s he met and frequented illustrious gallery owners and exponents of international art scene including Domenico Purificato, Aldo Riso, Julianos Kattinis, Renato Guttuso, Ilia Peikov, Erik Hebborn, Ibrahim Kodra.
He trained at Artistic high school and Academy of Fine Arts in Rome under teachings of renowned masters such as Roberto Bossaglia, Fabio Vergoz, Roberto Alemanno, Giorgio Scalco, Edolo Masci, Romano Lotto, Valeriano Ciai, Emanuele Floridia, Carlo Ambrosoli and art historians Anelia Pinna, Maurizio Marini, Luigi Paolo Finizio.
After professional experience gained in the interior design as a designer at a prestigious architecture studio and in the contemporary art as owner and art director of Art's Moment art gallery, a modern multipurpose space initially opened in the MACRO area and transferred to the following Trastevere, inaugurated with anthologic exhibition of Kattinis, in a consequent period starting from the study of analogue photography he decided to approach digital photography by choosing to enrich his training path at Officine Fotografiche.
The result is projects, collaborations with authors and publishing houses, personal exhibitions at institutional venues such as the Council Chamber of 1st city hall of Rome and participation in various collective exhibitions of contemporary art in some important cities including Treviso, Naples. and Venice on the occasion of a Biennale with a renowned gallery owner with offices also in Turin and New York.
He conceives photography not only as a job but also as a lifestyle, all his projects are characterized by an essential observation of reality and a constant introspective research, his way of photographing always aims to tell something, finding its maximum expression in monochrome: its black and white is defined "rich in colors".
Philosophy and psychology have always been fundamental components of his way of doing Photography present in many of his projects including the unpublished Animavolto created in collaboration with the actor Massimiliano Caprara, a project presented as an online exhibition at WEFO2020 organized by Gilberto Maltinti (Casa della Fotografia) with Paolo Franzò (
Since winter 2020 Max Callari has curated and presented Pillole di Photo, a biweekly column on Photography broadcast within the Rock Night Show of the speaker DJ and producer Andrea Striano il Drago on Radio Godot.
His activity as a photographer was curated by Carlo Savini, art critic and historian, former President of UNIPAX, President of the European Academy of Art and Literature Critics with offices in Brussels, London, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome.


Nothing but Art III Edition
International Prize of Contemporary Art (2019)

Organization Arte Borgo Gallery
Curators Anna Isopo and Monica Ferrarini

Technical Jury
Laura Giannuzzi (President FIDAPA Roma Campidoglio)
Veronica La Porta (Art historian)
Alessio Santucci (Architect)
Giulio Rizzo (Professor of urban architecture, architect)
Fernando Miglietta (Art theorist, art historian)


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