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GIANNI CALLARI / Painter - Author

Gianni Callari (1947) born in Rome.
Versatile and flexible filmmaker, scriptwriter, director and artist with an innate ability to humanly investigate places and authors, facts and events, emotions and feelings, moods and colors, managing to cross the most varied itineraries with a constant empathic charge and with creative ideas of great originality. The figure of an authentic artist with a fervent imagination and capable of transforming every existential sensation, every fragment of life into pregnant images with expressionist cadences in the sense that he uses color as emotion, as a state of mind and with its symbolic value.
Gianni Callari at his studio © Max Callari Photographer
Untitled / ink on paper / 1977 © Gianni Callari
Eclipse or not / ink on paper / 1979 © Gianni Callari
Les Amants / oil on canvas / 1984 © Gianni Callari

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